Our story

Discover our origins and how Restaurante Tagoror was born, one of the most visited restaurants in the Canary Islands.

D. Bartolomé Rodríguez López excavating the mountain

Dug into the mountain itself

The restaurant has been excavated in the rock of the mountain, and created a series of dining rooms where you and your companions will enjoy not only great food but also a unique experience walking the corridors linking the various sections of the restaurant.

The Bar Restaurante Tagoror is created in the cave of the craft and tough way imaginable, thanks to the tenacity and commitment of D. Bartolomé Rodríguez López, Bartolo, who, having built his cave house back in 1955, decides carry out his dream of creating a thriving business that supports his family.

Taking advantage of the situation of increased tourism to the South of the island, in 1976 the first restaurant area which soon began to attract prosperity and movement of visitors to the area and tourism to enjoy the scenery and sample the delights served, special mention initially the precious bread officially opens.

After this first phase is still digging into the rock to fulfill the desire of Bartolo: "create something really great, tascendente, original, different." With the same patience and tenacity manage to open in 1984 Tagoror Restaurant, one of the most visited restaurants in Canary Islands.

Awards and accolades